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The work of the ECCB's Research Department informs policy decisions of the Eastern Caribbean currency union as a whole, and of individual member governments. In any given year scores of reports, paper and briefs are prepared for a variety of regional and international audiences. These include the Bank's Monetary Council and Board of Directors, commercial bankers and official of non-bank financial institutions. Additionally, ECCB economists are encouraged to engage in ground-breaking research for presentation to conferences around the world. Such offerings, while they may not reflect the views of the ECCB, encourage the academic interaction and stimulation that ultimately rebound to the benefit of the institution.

ECCB Papers
Articles and Research Papers ECCB Working Paper Series    ECCB Policy Briefs

Latest Publication
"Economic Theory and Development Options For The Caribbean, The Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lectures 1996-2005"

IMF Papers
Links from the IMF website of IMF papers produced since 2003 for the six Fund-member countries of the ECCU, the ECCU region, and IMF working papers produced since 1998 of relevance to the ECCU.
Publications Schedule
 Annoucement to Data Users on the Redefinition of Broad Money Aggregates 

Annual Report:

ECCB Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for year ending March
2012 2014/2015 Annual Report (PDF) - Published 28 June 2015
2012Digital Flipbook Version of the 2014/2015 Annual Report

2012 2013/2014 Annual Report

2012 2012/2013 Annual Report

2012 2011/2012 Annual Report

2012 2010/2011 Annual Report

2012 2009/2010 Annual Report

Annual Financial Statistics Yearbook: CURRENT PUBLICATION:
16 October 2014
2011 ISSUE

The Financial Statistics Yearbook (FSY) contains tables of financial and monetary aggregates for the member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank as well as consolidated data for the Eastern Caribbean currency union.

Balance of Payments: UPDATED 22/11/2011
The Current Account
The Capital and Financial Account
Foreign Reserve Or Financing

National Accounts For Year :
GVA at Basic Prices in Current Prices
GVA at Basic Prices in Constant Prices
GDP at Market Prices

National Accounts Statistics for 2011 (10.8MB) POSTED 2/12/2011


This publication was discontinued in March 2008. For the Latest Monetary Statistics, Please visit our Statistics Section, click here

Commercial Bank Statistics:
The Commercial Banking Statistics bulletin is intended to provide a single convenient compendium of banking statistics in the ECCB Area. It contains data on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis. The source data is the banking schedules completed by each commercial bank.

These balances are taken from unaudited prudential returns submitted by each commercial bank to the ECCB and have been attested to by the respective banks as a true and fair representation of the affairs and condition of the banks.

Economic and Financial Review:
Annual Economic and Financial Review 2016 - Posted 27 April 2017
The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank prepares a quarterly Economic and Financial Review for the entire OECS sub-region and each individual member territory for the periods ending March, June, September and December of each year.

- Posted 7 July 2017
ECCB Unaudited Balance Sheet as at 31 May 2017

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